Flash Back - VEINES Group Exhibition

21 - 25 Feb, 2023
Galerie Fahid Taghavi, 10 Rue de la Madeleine, Geneva, Switzerland.
Group Exhibition - Presented by Galerie Fahid Taghavi.

The collective exhibition of February results from an intense collaboration between three artists.

"The title of the exhibition provokes a strange sensation. I imagine a set of vessels intertwined with the colour blue, a network limiting the outer contour of a hot centre. Vital. "VEINES" also makes me think of the plans of Metro. In the end, a cartographic imprint remains.

The work of artist Tanya Molskaya "Mind Cartography Series", seems to explore the extensibility of the line. Strangely, her line separates as much as it unites, concentrates, and intensifies the intention.

In "Plant Entomology" by Gabriel Ruta, "VEINS" resonates differently. The artist celebrates nature through his work. Concerned about the fast disappearance of multiple species on Earth, he creates new imaginary species of insects from various plants.

With his “Dual Realism” practice, Solko Schalm offers a “counter-still life”. He questions the art of the table, contemplates the port of Rotterdam or criticizes a hunting scene. The intellectual absence of "VEINS" is compensated by the fluidity and warmth that the work emits."

- Fahid Taghavi, Gallerist

Tanya Molskaya is an artist of Russian origin, initially a biologist by training, who settled in the US in California to pursue artistic and design training there before returning to Europe, Brussels, and then to Geneva. Her work is honest. It does not seek to seduce but offers mediation between the inner demons and visible angels.

Gabriel Ruta studied fine arts in Geneva, Switzerland. After a few years in Israel, he recently returned to settle in the Geneva region. His "Project 2635", presented at the Natural History Museum of Geneva, puts artistic practice at the
centre of general interest "the protection of life". In the “Plant Entomology” series, he questions the scientific practice and diverts it to give it a creative dimension.

Solko Schalm, originally from Rotterdam, moved back in 2016 after his studies at the KABK (Royal Academy of Art, Hague, Netherlands) and ESAG (Paris, France) and working in the Geneva region. He is a painter who knows very well not to finish. He invented "Dual Realism" and imposed his school; he reinterprets the beauty of nature or the "still life" and plays with the ambiguity of a deep betrayed love for classical realism.

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